Friday, May 1, 2009


maybe, but it's cheap entertainment. Since I filled all the feeders out back, Tom & Chester spend hours staring out at all the birds -I think they're wearing a path between the window and the doors! They both do this crazy chattering-meow thing when the birds get close or perch near the windows... it's kinda funny. The birds must think it's funny too, they seem to have figured out that there's some sort of invisible safety zone; they can get as close as they want and these dumb cats don't ever chase them -hahahaaaa... or maybe the birds think I just have lazy cats??

Tom is especially interested, but Chester... eh, not so much -I think he knows that to catch a bird it would require stealth and speed, neither of which he possesses, bless his lardy little soul.

This is Tom's "keep teasing me like this and one day I'm gonna eat your face off while you're sleeping" look.

I'm sure the day is coming that someone's gonna leave a door open and those birds are gonna get one helluva surprise when thier safety zone is breached by a puddy-tat who's been jonsin for a taste of some tweety bird.

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La- said...

THAT is so funny! Poor kitty cats!! Poor birds if they ever get loose!! LOL