Friday, March 7, 2008

M(&)M goooood

Found these babies whilst strolling the aisles of my local Walgreen's the other day. Being the adventurous chick that I am, I tried 'em out because, you know, I like to walk on the wild side every now and then...

They're pretty yummy -taste like a chocolate covered cherry -only without that cloying overly sweet/rich taste and without all the gooey gunk inside. I gotta say though, I think the peanut butter M&M's are still my fave!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

DMV -the great motivator??

hmmpf -who knew??

Last week I got a notice in the mail that it's time to renew my driver's license. Great, no problem, how much do I owe and where do I send the check? Uh... no. This time around, the department of motor vehicles requests my presence so that I may 1.) give them a thumbprint (no problem) B.) take a vision test (erm... sure, I guess) and 3.) update any information on my driver's license that is either invalid or incorrect.

Whoa there, back the truck up... now see, here is where I cringe because, other than filling out a form to change my name when I got married, I haven't been asked to update any of this info since I got my license at the tender age of 16... and uhm, let's just say, that was a long time and manymanymany pounds ago. UGH! Seriously, there is no freakin way I'm gonna put down my current weight -which, if you ask me, would be even more laughable than the (obviously incorrect) 120 lbs. that's listed on there right now! I guess the good news is, my hair is still (sorta) blonde and I'm still 5'-6" tall, my eyes are still blue... well, maybe a little more green than blue... but I can live with that.


I've never been good at 'dieting' but since I opened that letter last week, I've been on a mission to lose as much weight as I can before April 23rd! I've never thought of myself as a particularly vain individual but you had better believe that the next time I get carded ...well okay that never happens anymore, but the next time I have to whip my ID out to prove I'm me, the number that's on that little card will be a lot lower than the one that was on my scale last week!