Monday, January 28, 2008

Highlights from yesterday...

*eta -not sure what's up with the formatting here... maybe I'll fix it later. But then again...
Yesterday was Matt's birthday -the big one-four...

He opened presents early, then spent the better part of the morning dorking around with his new moving target system -this thing is pretty cool. When the rain started back up, he headed down to the shop with his new motorcycle stand/lift -it'll come in handy while he's tinkering on the BIG new Yamaha his Uncle Joseph handed down to him earlier this month -gaaah, he's a lucky (spoiled) kid!

Here's the birthday card we got him -anyone who knows him understands just how perfect it is:

inside it says:

There's one in every crowd...and you're ours!

Pffftt! perfect, I tell ya!

Mid-afternoon Jack and I took the boys to see Meet the Spartans (Matt's choice) -a spoof of the movie 300 - I like some pretty off beat movies but this was *so* incredibly lame... It'd be a safe bet that this one won't be showing up in my Blockbuster queue anytime soon. Surprisingly, I heard that it beat out Rambo for the top box office spot this weekend... crazy.

We had some of the weirdest weather yesterday -at least for those of us at, or near, sea level it's weird ...but SO MUCH fun...

yep -it SNOWED! We had lots of the white stuff coming down but it didn't really stick here at our house so we hopped in the family truckster to take a look around. About 5 miles up the road, when I stopped to snap a couple of pics of the scenery, the boys bailed out and had a blast bombing eachother in an impromptu snowball fight. There was lots of talk about 'yellow snow' but I think it was so darned cold, neither one of them was willing to, erm... brave the elements.

When we stopped to pick up Kendall at our friends' house, we all decided to head out for some chow at the Oriental Buffet -and seein' as how it was a special occasion and all... we decided to splurge! I tell you, nothing is too good for my family -lol! We ate and we ate and we ate till we couldn't pack away another egg roll, then waddled out to load up for the ride back over the mountain and home... Halfway back, we couldn't resist one last stop for a few more snowballs and a couple more pics of the white stuff before it melted.

I think the sweetest part of the whole day -for me at least, was when I tucked Matt in and we had our ritual evening chat, he kept going on and on about how fun the snow was... I gave him a smooch and wished him happy birthday again. Then, as I turned out the light he said "Mom, I had a really good day". Gotta luv him!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

happy faces

Last night I finally got around to pulling the 300+ pics off my camera that I've taken since Christmas. Granted, many of them aren't worth keeping due to maniac kids who became nothing but blurs, racing from package to package or taunting me with smooshed up faces and inappropriate poses. *sigh* Just when I thought my Christmas photo cache was going to be all but empty, imagine my surprise when I found this little gem in the mix.

My kids and their little cousins on Christmas Day. :) Andrew, 16; Matt ,14 this month; nephew Nico, 2 next month; Kendall, 9 1/2; and niece Siena, 5 1/2. This was such an impromptu shot, I can't believe how well they're lined up, smiling and BONUS: they all have their eyes open! :D

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

retail therapy

Jeez Louise... can you believe it's STILL raining here? We haven't had more than a couple of hours w/o rain in like, ...forever. Don't get me wrong, I love me some rain -and we've had plenty, along with some blustery wind- but I think I'm just about over it. I'm afraid we're gonna start growing mold if we don't get a chance to dry out. Just a couple of days of sunshine... is that too much to ask? *gaah*

On a less dreary note: I GOT SOME FUN MAIL TODAY! I spent a little time strolling thru the SCRAPFREAK store a few days ago. Lord knows I don't *need* anything, but some things just happened to find their way into my cart, and well, know how that goes. lol! Anyway, it was a great pick-me-up to find a ScrapFreak package in the mailbox today.

Woot! I got some grungeboard! I have to say, I didn't really get all the hype about this stuff until Monica, the Mama Freak herself, hooked me up with this awesome little demo video - this stuff seems to have endless possibilities! It's been ages since I've had any scrappin mojo, but I'm excited to try this stuff out. I also got a couple of different sets of Scenic Route arrows and box of Rhonna Farrer chipboard journaling panels... Ah, nothing like a little retail therapy to chase away the winter blues. :)

Friday, January 4, 2008

Taking care

Being sick sucks. I rarely get so much as the sniffles, so this cold, or whatever it was, really knocked me for a loop. It started Christmas Eve and has been hanging on for what seems like forever. A couple of days ago, I finally called and made an appointment to see the doc, which was not easy since my (former) doc has up and left her practice and left me high and dry w/o a provider. Anyhow, I asked around and got a recomendation and called for an appointment. Wouldn't you know, the day I called, I started to feel better (figures doesn't it?!), and by the time I went in today, all that was left is a little bit of a tickly cough. *SIGH* Nothing much she could do really, but she did give me some freebies of some antihistamine -YAY for freebies!!- and away I went. She prolly thinks I'm a weenie-hypochondriac coming in for some wimpy little cough -but it had been a bad cough, I swear! lol! All in all, I'm glad I went in. I've been needing a new doc and this gal was great -totally felt comfortable with her and helloooo... she gave me FREE stuff!! :D I also got back on track with my other meds, which is such a relief, maybe now I won't feel like crying at every Hallmark commercial.

I also went to see my chiropractor today -I threw my back/hip out a couple of days ago and was just going to try and deal on my own but after all my back problems last year I decided that the sooner I deal with it, the better off I'd be. It's hard to shell out that money -especially right after the holidays when $$ is already tight, but it was so worth it. I'm a little sore tonight but I've been using my ice pack and I know tomorrow will be better. :)

After my crazy day of running around, I'm feeling so good about what I accomplished today. I'm not one for making New Year's resolutions but I did decide I'm going to be better to myself this year and today was the first step. Tomorrow, maybe I'll think about getting on the treadmill. PFFFT! ...and then the day after that, maybe I'll actually do it! lol I have about 30-35 pounds draggin me down. I know it's gonna take some time... which is hard for me because I'm such an instant gratification kinda girl, but even if I gotta take baby steps, at least I'm moving in the right direction!

Rain, Rain...

Lots and lots of rain and wind hitting us here in northern California this week -little bit of localized flooding but so far, nothing major. We lost power this morning, but only for a few minutes... just long enough to have to re-set all the clocks! We haven't had to use it yet, but thank goodness we finally have a backup generator -a Christmas gift from Pop :) in case power goes out for long periods of time. I can't imagine what it would cost if we had to replace everything in our fridges and freezer!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008


To friends old and new, I hope 2008 finds you all happy, healthy and surrounded by those you love!


Should old acquaintance be forgot, and never brought to mind? Should old acquaintance be forgot, and auld lang syne ?

For auld lang syne, my dear,
for auld lang syne,
we'll take a cup o’ kindness yet,
for auld lang syne.

And surely you’ll buy your pint cup! And surely I’ll buy mine! And we'll take a cup o’ kindness yet, for auld lang syne.


We two have run about the hills, and picked the daisies fine; But we’ve wandered many a weary foot, since auld lang syne.


We two have paddled in the stream, from morning sun till dine (dinner time); But seas between us broad have roared since auld lang syne.


And there’s a hand my trusty friend! And give us a hand o’ thine! And we’ll take a right good-will draught, for auld lang syne.